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.info & .org Domain Names for only $2

Resellers India is offering .info & .org domains for only $2. $2.15 & $1.80 to be exact. This is a steal compared to other registrars such as is charging $8.99 and is charging $35.

btw, is also offering Free Hosting for Rails applications, in case you are looking for a free space to host your applications.

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World Largest Commercial wiki Launched

ZDNet’s Richard ManManus Reported:

eBay and JotSpot have just released a new community wiki – making it almost certainly the world’s largest wiki platform for a commercial website (Wikipedia is bigger, but it’s non-commercial). eBay Wiki is described as “a collection of fact-based articles written and maintained by eBay Community members” and is powered by JotSpot’s innovative wiki technology.

Great News!

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Kevin Rose is 23rd in Business 2.0’s 50 people that matter

Kevin Rose (The guy from & Jay Adelson are really making a history in Social news thru They are at 23rd on the list of 50 persons that matter according to Business 2.0. To put this in perspective, Bill Gates is 21st on the list & Oprah Winfrey is 38th on the list. Wow, that’s an achivement.

I must admit, that I wouldn’t have predicted this one year back. On the subject, I scored an invitation to V3 launch Party but couldn’t attend it as I was in Chicago listening to one of my other favorites, David Heinemeier Hanssnon, Who is also on the Business 2.0’s list of 50 persons that matter.

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David Heinmeir Hansson – Business 2.0’s 50 People that matters

David Heinmier Hansson is 34th in the list of Business 2.0 50 people that matter. That’s certainly a true recognition of the impact that Ruby on Rails is making on Web Development.

Martin Fowler mentioned in his keynote on Rails Conf 2006 that whether or not, Rails succeeds in the end or not, It already has made a huge difference in the way people think of Web development.

O’Reilly announcing that they are hosting the next years Rails conference (in Portland, Oregon) is another sign of the increasing importance of Ruby on Rails.

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Chicago’s Skyline is Gorgeous

I am right now in Chicago to attend the RailsConf 2006. It is the first International Conference focussed purely on Ruby on Rails. The excitement and the response is huge. I would blog about the conference later and probably would need to do a few blogs to cover all that I have to say about the conference. For now back to Chicago.

Chicago is a beautiful city. The skyline from the lake is simply gorgeous. Navy pier in the downtown is an excellent area, if you want to get some nice views of the Chicago Sky line. I have included a couple of photos here, but would be posting more on flick later.

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Scoble moving to Half Moon Bay, California from Seattle

Robert Scoble is moving to Half Moon Bay, California . That’s a good news. Another huge addition to the list of great bloggers from Bay Area. Robert, looking forward to meet you at once of the local conferences.

For those of you, who don’t know Scoble, he is an (ex Microsoft) geek blogger who is very widely read in the Blogosphere and gave huge media attention to Microsoft in blogosphere. He quit his Microsoft Job and is joining in Palo Alto.