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After attending Canada on Rails, I had the weekend left in Vancouver, so I decided to visit Whistler. It’s a very famous ski resort near Vancouver, Canada. Many people call it as the best Skiing resort in North America. In fact, I came to know about Whistler from the Hindi (Bollywood) Movie “Neal & Niki“, where some scenes were shot in Whistler.

Whistler is no doubt amazing. Very huge mountains, long runs to ski. This could be my biased view as I haven’t skied much other than Lake Tahoe & Auli in India. I could relate Whistler more to Auli as the snow was pristine, weather was like you are somewhere out of the world, clouds & sky was so near as you feel you can touch them. An unforgettable experience.

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Canada on Rails

I attended this conference last month. A wonderful conference on Ruby on Rails. Keynote speakers included David Heinmeier Hansson, David Black etc.

As a matter of fact, I attended this conference because the annual RailsConf was sold out. But it was all worth it. I did get a chance to talk to many knowledgable people on Ruby on Rails as well as got a chance to get my picture with David H Hansson.

Other people that I met there: Adriel, Carpenter, Amy etc.