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Why Me

In 1975, Ashe won Wimbledon, unexpectedly defeating Jimmy Connors. In 1988, Ashe discovered he had contracted HIV during the blood transfusions he had received during one of his two heart surgeries. He and his wife kept his illness private until 1992, when the news leaked. Soon Ash started getting lots of mail.

Many asked him as to why did God choose him of all the people while he had not done anything wrong in his life? To this Ashe’s reply was, “All over the world some million teenagers aspire to become tennis players. Out of these million may be a hundred thousand reach to some sort of proficiency. Of them only a few thousand play in some circuit and only a hundred or so play the grand slam. Finally only two reach the final of Wimbledon. When I was standing with the trophy of Wimbledon in my hand I never questioned God “Why Me?” And now what right do I have to ask God “Why Me?” Ashe died in 1993.

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Top 100 things to eat in Gurgaon

A mobile-friendly guide to top 100 things to eat in Gurgaon. Original List here, which is not so mobile friendly.

1. Amritsari Kulcha, Kulchawalas, Sec 31
2. Chole Bhature, Civil Lines Wala
3. Dimsums at yum yum Cha
4. Samosa, Alwar Sweets, Vyapar Kendra
5. Oh No Khao Suey at Burma Burma
6. Raw Mango Salad, Burma Burma
7. Sushi, Yum Yum Cha
8. Keema Kulcha, Kulchawalas, Sec 31
9. Butter chicken @ Raj Mahal Delux Restaurant
10. Rajma Chawal at CLW
11. Samosa and Jalebi at Gohana Jalebi
12. Monu ki kachori sadar bajaar
13. South Indian breakfast/Idli-sambhar at Sai Andhra Mess
14. Jalebi, Sardar Sweets, Sadar Bazaar
15. Mirchi Pyaz Paratha, Civil Lines Wala
16. Mutton Curry, Aaoji Uncleji
17. Mizutaki Soup at Sidewok
18. Chole Bhature, Baljee
19. Amritsari Poori Chhole, Kulchawala
20. Tub Tim grob (water chestnut in coconut milk) @ Thai Pavilion
21. PAv Bhaji at Bombay Best Pav Bhaji, Sector 4
22. Mutton berry pulao at Soda bottle
23. Pork Momos, Tashi Delek
24. Kimchi Jijigae – Hahns
25. Snakehead fish curry, Friends, Golf Course Road
26. Kharoda Curry, Aaoji Uncleji
27. Kerala Fish Curry, Malabar
28. Seafood Platter, Coastal Reef
29. Burra and Tikka @ Quereshi’s, Arjun Marg Market
30. Rolls, So Calcutta, Sec 14
31. Kimchi, Gung
32. Kakori Kebab, Machan, Sec 29
33. Bread pakodas and samosas at Balji
34. Rolls, Kwaliti Foods, Galleria
35. Butter chicken at Kwaliti Foods, Galleria
36. Dal Makhni, Kwaliti Foods, Galleria
37. New York Cheese Cake at Pizza Express
38. Roast duck at Friends Restaurant
39. Rajma galouti at philtre
40. Poke bowl at sushi junction
41. Kolkata style puchka …. Opposite unitech cyber park
42. Tandoori makhni murg at yumz
43. DJs pizza
44. Calcutta mutton biryani at bijoli grill
45. Paddu at Carnatic Café
46. Brain curry – Kaiser
47. White rasgulla – gopala
48. Peri peri pizza – tossin
49. Daal makhni – Dhaba est. 1986
50. Flaky pizzas at Prankster
51. Crispy Lamb at mamagoto
52. Galauti kebab at The Indian Grill Room
53. Malleswaram18th Cross Dosa at Carnatic cafe
54. Chicken Changezi at United coffee house rewind
55. Hackney’s Grilled Fish Sizzler at Sakley’s
56. Mushroom Risotto/Wasabi Prawns at Whisky Samba
57. Dal Makhni Butter chicken at Dana Chogha
58. Alu Tikki Burger @ KK Chaap, Sector 31
59. Dal Makani @ Dana Chogha
60. Vietnamese Rolls, The Bowl Factory
61. Pork cutlet with Omlette rice at Gung the Palace
62. Malabar chicken curry with Malabar paratha at Keralicious, supermart 1
63. Mutton Curry / Chicken Curry – Aunty in Sec-56 market
64. Butter chicken and naan @made in punjab
65. Golgappe with 5 different paani at Guptajee – Arjun marg shopping mall.
66. Cipola picante pizza at Pizza Express Ambience Mall.
67. Dal Makhani and Shahi Paneer at Raj Mahal Delux, Old Railway Road
68. Jalebi n paalak patta chaat at Delhicacy..galleria market
69. Shakes from morellos
70. Chicken Kothu Parota at Malabar Taste Buds
71. Mange ki kulfi at sector 7
72. Samosa soup at Burma Burma
73. Balti Meat at Dhaba
74. Pork momos at Darjeeling Special Cafe
75. Pork spare ribs at Darjeeling Special Cafe
76. Samosa at KDH
77. Keema naan and chicken keema gravy from 56th street
78. Pork Ribs, Sidewok
79. Pork momos at Naga Chuka
80. Pork ribs @whiskysamba
81. fish en papilote@ Coffee & Chai
82. Mokthuk at Tashi Delek
83. Pork Rhechotse at Ladakhi Kitchen
84. Chicken Kobiraj @ bijoli grill
85. Fish Amritsari from Dhaba Est 1986
86. tunday kabab & ulatey tawa ka parantha – tunday kababi, dlf 1
87. bhuna mutton frankie with egg – tibbs galleria
88. Chilli-paste roasted Pork Belly – Hahns
89. Dhabha food at raju vaishno dhabha
90. Tandoori fish at deep fish corner
91. Mutton seekh and Haleem biryani at kaiser
92. Omelet at French Omelet
93. Veg Thali at Panditji ka Dhaba, Sadar Bazaar
94. Mapu tofu at Hahn’s Kitchen
95. Tabak Maaz at Khyen Chen
96. Dal Fry at Sialkoti Dhaba
97. Paneer Pasanda at Hari Om Rasoi, Old Gurgaon…
98. Rupa Tikki.
99. Gandhi ke pakore
100. Tikki chhole at KDH.

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A simple recipe for Chilli Mutton Fry

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Chilli Mutton Fry


For Marination:
1. 500 gms mutton boneless.
2. 2 tbsp mustard oil
3. 2 tbsp curd
4. 2 tsp red chilli powder.
5. 2 tbsp ginger garlic paste.
6. Salt to taste.
Marinate mutton in the above ingredients for 4-5 hrs.
Other ingredients:
1. 2 large onions finely sliced
2. 2 small tomatoes finely chopped
3. 5-6 green chillies cut in roundels
4. 1 tsp cumin seeds
5. Dry roast and ground to fine powder – 2 tsp black pepper, 2 tbsp coriander seeds, 3-4 cloves, 2 tsp fennel seeds(saunf), 1-inch cinnamon stick, 1 black cardamom.
6. Chopped coriander leaves and stems for garnishing.
7. 3-4 tbsp mustard oil
8. Salt to taste


1. Smoke mustard oil in pan/kadhai and let it cool a bit. Now add cumin seeds and let it splutter. Now add finely sliced onions and start bhuno it on high heat till onions change colour to very light brown. Now add marinated meat to the onions and bhuno on high heat for 10-12 minutes or till it changes colour to good bhuna hua brown colour. Slow down the gas and add finely chopped tomatoes and freshly made masala and again bhuno on high heat for 7-8 minutes.
2. Now add salt and cover it and let mutton cook in its own juices. If the consistency is dry then add a little bit of warm water and cover the lid of pan/kadhai and keep weight on it and cook on slow heat.
3. Keep stirring in between and add a little bit of water if required. Add green chilli roundels.
4. Cook till mutton is tender and dry/thick consistency.
5. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve.

Recipe courtesy  Piyush Wadhwani